09 mai 2010

One of (y)our kind

Perfect song, perfect lyrics... just perfect to start such a Sunday morning... Come on, sing it to me!

The end is not as fun as the start
Please stay a child somewhere in your heart... -> I will :) Return to innocence I would say to all!

I'll give you everything you want
Except the thing that you want... -> After all it's just a game... so it will remain interesting that what you want!

You are the first one of your kind... -> But still... we are all the same kind

Some things you shouldn't get too good at
Like smiling, crying and celebrity... -> Moderation is another answer!

Some people got way too much confidence baby... -> Too much confidence = Blinded, isn't it?

Everywhere you go you shout it
You don't have to be shy about it, no
And you'll never be alone

Come on now show your soul... -> I always do! Anybody seeing it?

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